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Patients often have inquiries about certain procedures of cosmetic dentistry, and we feel that as Riverside is led by an accomplished doctor of dental surgery who’s made his career as a premier Leesburg dentist, we can answer those questions.

Cosmetic dentistry spans the gamut, involving a range of procedures and treatments from basic teeth whitening to custom-fit porcelain veneers, from dental bonding to bridges. Indeed, the practices of cosmetic dentistry meld very much into those of general dentistry, because so often the appearance of your teeth, gums and mouth is related to your oral health!

The team at Riverside Dental Family & Cosmetic Dentistry is dedicated to making every patient feel the utmost in comfort in our dental office, addressing their issues and discussing treatment options with a pleasant “bedside manner” and absolute confidence. Part of our mission as a practice and skill as a provider is for our entire office staff – receptionists, hygienists, dentists, everyone – to be well-versed in communication skills, so that our patients know the material they need to know.

Let’s discuss just a few among the great variety of cosmetic dentistry techniques prevalent in modern dentistry:

Teeth Whitening

Make Your Pearly Whites Brighter With Ease

Discoloration of enamel is to be expected with age, especially among consumers of smoke or smokeless tobacco. But even without a reason, everyone is subject to yellowing teeth, regardless of how well you brush.

Riverside performs a lot of teeth whitening treatments to help people who might feel just a bit of anxiety about the color of their teeth – or who just want an extra touch of sparkly beauty to accentuate their smile.

It’s a gentle, painless procedure that whitens your choppers several shades lighter and heightens your attractiveness even more.

Dental Implants

Prosthetic Replacements For Missing Teeth

Tooth loss is a part of life. Many adults lose teeth at some point or another, due to injury or illness or some other cause. Even though a person can function reasonably well in life without the requisite number of fangs, there are still issues of self-esteem and self-consciousness. A bridge fills the gaps, making it functional but perhaps not entirely esthetically pleasing, so the solution may be a dental implant.

The procedure is relatively quick and painless, and results in an implant that looks just like the original. Our cosmetic dentist can match dental implants to the shape of your jaw and to the color of your smile, making them indiscernible from ordinary teeth.

Porcelain Veneers

Eliminate imperfections in your smile with one of the most effective ways to totally transform how you look. Porcelain dental veneers attach to the outside of your teeth with a strong, non-toxic adhesive and create a bigger, naturally expressive smile.

Dental veneer molds are nonpermanent, meaning they’ll have to be replaced or reattached when the adhesive wears off. Riverside Dental Family & Cosmetic Dentistry has confidence in the strength of the materials we use, which are industry-leading and of the highest level of quality.

First-Rate Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures

From a First-Rate Doctor of Dental Surgery & a First-Rate Office Staff

Google us, please. Look our name up on Yelp. Search Bing online. Check out the 5-star reviews of our Lansdowne VA practice on Google or any review site, written by satisfied patients about their experiences. They talk about our friendliness, our professionalism, our comprehensive services, our ability to answer their questions and address their concerns, how we make them comfortable no matter their age, anxiety-level, or appointment reason. That’s a genuine recommendation, and we’re happy to earn their support. We give many thanks to all those 5-star reviewers for their recommendations!

Get the smile you want and the dental treatment you need. Check your calendar and book your next appointment for a family dentist in Leesburg with Riverside Dental. From hygienist cleanings to dental implants, from dentures to Invisalign treatments, Riverside is equipped and ready to handle any dentistry issue from one comfortable, clean, pristine-condition office location.

We get the greatest satisfaction from knowing a consultation with Riverside so positively affects the lives of people from the communities in which we ourselves live.

Riverside Dental’s Community Service Area for Cosmetic Dentistry

Ashburn, Sterling, Potomac Falls, Lansdowne, Waterford & Leesburg VA

Riverside Dental Family & Cosmetic Dentistry serves patients throughout Loudoun County from our office on Sandridge Way in Leesburg VA 20176, and we look forward to seeing your family’s smiles make their next (or first) appearance in our office!

In addition to excellence in communicating information to our patients, customer service is another one of the central tenets of Riverside Dental. Everything we do is set toward the goal of better dental health, so we help patients on a budget or without insurance to ensure their family gets the care they need. Furthermore, when a tooth gets knocked out or you get chips in some teeth or the pain in the root is unbearable, our office is available for emergency dental appointments.

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The first steps toward better oral health and gentler cosmetic dentistry experiences are simple: Call and request an appointment. Our office has a great location in the Lansdowne area.

The most senior of seniors and children soon after birth can both reap the benefits of competent, modern, comprehensive dental care and treatment. Regardless of visit type – kids getting ready to get braces, adults getting crowns, and older folks getting dentures – everyone receives the same high standard of dental care at Riverside. The training of our doctor of dental surgery provides us the authority determine the most efficacious treatments available for your particular situation, trying to solve a problem and eliminate damage before it occurs.

The Dentist’s Best Friend Is a Healthy Grin

It’s a Great Advertisement for Any Dental Office When Your Smile Looks Good

It’s a natural human expression. More than any words or any comment could say, a smile says it all, revealing information about your actual state of mind in surprisingly expansive details. As much as – and irrespective of – your date of birth, gender, nick-name, or the type of car you drive, it’s your smile that helps others understand your true nature with greater facility – a step toward more rewarding social bonding.

So a great radiant smile is about more than healthy teeth. It’s about connecting with others.

One of the advantages of getting your next dental consultation with a top Leesburg cosmetic dentist like Dr. Sameh Kassem, DDS, is that he and his team of highly qualified, experienced hygienists and technicians are well-versed in the full list of modern techniques of general, restorative and cosmetic dental treatments and procedures. The end result of such comprehensiveness is that we can address your particular dental circumstances and complications with a great deal of aplomb, provide the best medical option, and rectify the issue while making sure you’re always comfortable in the chair. Riverside Family Dental confidently makes that guarantee to every patient: Your care and comfort on every visit will be of the highest magnitude, from how you’re treated at the registration desk to how amazingly well the dental provider painlessly crowns that tooth with those painful cracks in it.

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Healthcare decisions shouldn’t be taken lightly. Whenever you’re making searches of available options for a top family cosmetic dentist (either a DDS or a DMD), it can help to Google our patient testimonials, ask friends or a colleague, get a healthcare provider referral, check out our HealthGrades referral – but more than anything, it helps to make a visit of your own.

Call us at the number above, or contact us via our email address, [email protected]. Ask about the safety guidelines our practice employs. We have office hours Monday 8:30a – 5p, Tuesday 8:30a – 6p, Wednesday 8:30a – 5p, and Thursday 8:30a – 6p. Visits on Friday are by special arrangement only.

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