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The role of cosmetic dentists like Riverside Family Dental is to focus on improving your teeth, gums, and smile. Whatever state of health your mouth is in, our cosmetic dentistry services will have you looking better and feeling better. That’s the Riverside promise.

In order to maintain a high level of function, aesthetic appearance, and oral healthiness, it takes the combined techniques of preventive dentistry (cleanings, checkups, etc.), restorative dentistry (cavity fillings, root canal therapy, etc.), and of course cosmetic dentistry (dental implants, teeth whitening treatment, porcelain crowns, etc.).

That’s precisely the kind of comprehensive, take-care-of-everything service you get at our dental office in Leesburg VA.

Call, email, or message Riverside Family Dental today; we can’t wait to see your smile at your next dental appointment!

Riverside Family Dental: Your 5-Star Cosmetic Dentists in Leesburg VA

What makes a dental practice also “cosmetic”? What exactly are the benefits of cosmetic dentistry, anyway? And what’s the difference between one cosmetic dentist and another?

Those are great questions, and our cosmetic and general dentist, Dr. Sameh Kassem, D.D.S. – along with his highly qualified, professional team at Riverside Family Dental – are in the best position to answer them.

In brief, the procedures of “cosmetic dentistry” can be likened to a smile makeover. Combining the techniques of modern dentistry such as:

  • Dental implants (to replace missing teeth or teeth lost to tooth decay)
  • Porcelain veneers (ultra-thin custom-made bondings affixed to the front of the teeth)
  • Teeth whitening (to whiten stained teeth and brighten each tooth’s surface)
  • Dental crowns and caps (to cap and repair chipped teeth)
  • Partial dentures (to replace missing teeth and prevent surrounding teeth from shifting)
  • On-lays and in-lays (to fill large cavities or replaced decayed teeth)
  • Tooth-colored fillings (to make it look like no filling at all!)
  • and a variety of other procedures

…the appearance of your teeth, mouth and gum line will be dramatically improved, thereby enhancing your already attractive smile!

Meet Your Cosmetic Dentist, Dr. Sameh Kassem, D.D.S.

The reviews are in – and they’re fantastic! Riverside Family Dental of Leesburg VA earns rave reviews from patients as one of the best dentists in Loudoun County on review sites like Google and HealthGrades.

Why so many 5-stars? Because we go the extra mile to ensure your best smile. The staff at Riverside Family Dental strives for the utmost in well-being and oral health f0r all our patients – from kids and young people to adults and the young at heart.

Maybe the single most important aspect of our status as a top cosmetic dentist in Leesburg is our esteemed, estimable and learned Doctor of Dental Surgery, Dr. Sameh Kassem. Doctor Kassem earned his dental surgery degree first from Alexandria University in his native Egypt, then from the dental school of Virginia Commonwealth University, where he did his general practice residency. He’s been in the practice of general dentistry and a member of the American Dental Association since 1993. He’s also a long-standing member of the Virginia Dental Association.

As a top cosmetic dentist and general dentist in Leesburg VA, Dr. Kassem and his staff are firm believers in the need for continuing education in the dental field in order to serve the patients of Loudoun County with the latest minimally invasive procedures (such as a simple dental crown), in-office treatments (such as root canals), dental technology (such as digital X-rays), and sedation options.

That’s why you’ll find only the most contemporary dental work being administered to the patients of Riverside Family Dental.

The Place for Smile Makeovers: Cosmetic Dentistry is our Dental Specialty

Over multiple decades as an acclaimed, sought-after general dentist, our Dr. Kassem has earned his top reputation as a cosmetic dentist in the same way: By performing every procedure with absolute care and compassion; by taking care of each tooth of every patient for the best in oral health and overall health; and by making sure the teeth of all our patients can form an attractive, healthy smile that lasts a long time.

No wonder most patients give Riverside Family Dental of Leesburg VA all those 5-star reviews online!

Who needs to see a cosmetic dentist? The appearance and smile of many patients could be enhanced by at least one treatment or procedure from Riverside’s cosmetic dentistry menu. If you:

  • have missing teeth or crooked teeth (and need dental implants)
  • have capped or chipped teeth (and need porcelain crowns)
  • once had metal braces and the stains still show
  • want options for whitening teeth
  • suffer from poor dental health
  • just wish you had a little better smile

…then the professional teeth fixers, brighteners and aligners of Riverside Family Dental is the cosmetic dentist for you in Leesburg VA!

Make Your Next Appointment with the Best Cosmetic Dentist in Leesburg

Kids, adults, senior citizens – everyone in Loudoun who has a smile needs the benefits of personalized treatment planning by a top general dentist.

Introducing one of the most accomplished general dentists in Northern Virginia: Dr. Sameh Kassem and Riverside Family Dental, at your service.

Please call us or send us a message through this website to set up appointments for your entire family, at your convenience. Your teeth and mouth will thank you – with an amazing appearance and a brilliant smile!

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