Here at Lansdowne dentistry, we offer a state-of the art dental care using the latest technology. Our world-class dentists will help you bring back your smile. Once you meet Dr. Don Friedlander and his talented team, you can be rest assured you are in safe hands. Our practice is patient-centered. We listen to what the patients are saying before making informed decision. On the other hand, our customer service is unmatched.

Dental services at Lansdowne dentistry

We offer different procedures and practices with world-class results. Here are some of our main areas of specialization;

CEREC dental restorations

We use CEREC technology to create dental restorations like dental veneers, dental crowns, dental inlays and outlays among others. We pride ourselves of doing the job right the first time eliminating the need for a second visit. Our dentists have vast experience in this area and will restore the natural color of your tooth with utmost care. In addition, our dentist will use high-quality dental crowns, so the restorations will look natural and beautiful for many years to come.

Oral surgery

At our dental practice, we offer a number of surgery dental treatments. We only recommend oral surgery when other less invasive dental plans cannot work. The procedure involves cutting and removing tissues from your mouth. Based on the condition of the tooth, we can opt to remove it when it’s damaged beyond effective restoration. If your issue is more complex, we can take you through gum surgery. We’ll show you how to take proper care after surgery to help your wound heal quickly.

Root canal therapy

This procedure is performed when there the tooth decays at the root. Root canal is the best way of saving your tooth when the tooth pulp is no longer healthy. At Lansdowne dentistry, we will perform the procedure without causing any problems with the neighboring teeth. We understand the stigma that might come with root canal procedure. However, through our professional dentist, it will be just like getting a filling. The procedure will involve removing any decay, pulp and nerves from the tooth. We will then fill the space with a special dental material to make sure we restore the normal function of your tooth. The root canal therapy will require two appointments. The first one is to prepare the tooth while the second one is for placing a permanent crown. It’s not too late; we are ready to bring back the normal functioning of your tooth.

Dental implants

Don’t be shy when you have permanently lost your tooth. Here at Lansdowne dentistry, we understand that a lost tooth can lead to bone loss in a jaw, as well as problems with eating and speaking. Once you choose us as your dentists, we’ll help you restore a self-conscious smile. Before we take you through the process, we will first explain to you what the procedure entails. A porcelain crown and titanium root is placed on the jaw to bring out an aesthetic appearance of your tooth. We have what it takes to bring back your self-conscious smile.

Why you should choose us

At Lansdowne dentistry, we make a positive difference with our patients’ lives. When you come to our dental practice, you will receive a warm welcome from our customer service team. Our goal is to improve the patient overall dental health. Call our office today to book an appointment with our professional dentist.

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