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We Hold A High Standard Of Excellence At Riverside Family Dental In Lansdowne VA

Look over at the lengthy list of awards and professional recognitions our Lansdowne family dental office has received. Our office staff has earned those honors for providing premier dentistry care to patients of all ages – awards like the Best Of Suburbia according to PoshSeven Magazine, plus 5-star-rating reviews from patients in the community: Yelp, Google, Healthgrades and more accolades from patients who would recommend Riverside Dental (and in fact do).

No Matter Your Family’s Dental Needs

Whether you’re bringing your daughter or son in for their first cleaning and checkup…or you haven’t seen the inside of the dentist office in over a year…or you simply won’t set foot in such a place without a guarantee of sedation dentistry…or you need any general dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, or (gasp!) emergency dentistry procedure performed by a learned, accomplished, and highly acclaimed professional within the dentistry profession…well, then, Dr. Sameh Kassem, D.D.S., D.M.D. of Riverside Family and Cosmetic Dentistry is the only Lansdowne VA dental office to make your next appointment with.

Call For Your Appointment

So please call us at phone number (703) 682-0000 to get information and set that appointment. We promise you’ll go home with healthier teeth and reason to smile!

We think everyone in your family will become a fan of Riverside Dental, like so many patients in Lansdowne and Leesburg VA already have.

The Secret To Our Lansdowne Dental Office: Put Patients’ Comfort First

Every patient visiting our Lansdowne dental practice can expect a warm welcome and exceptional care. Dr. Kassem is regarded within the profession as an outstanding dentist, among the best dentists in Lansdowne Virginia, and he hires staff with levels of ability within their particular job that are commensurate with his own. In addition to leading Riverside Dental Family and Cosmetic Dentistry as his long-time private practice enterprise, Dr. Kassem also maintains affiliation with Inova Loudoun Hospital.

Dental Care For Children and Adults

Dealing with the teeth, gums, and oral health of a young child is not the same as inspecting and treating gum or tooth issues with an adult. That’s why Dr. Kassem customizes every treatment plan devised for each patient – customization that comes from having received a world-class education from the Medical College of Virginia, plus over 25 years as a top practitioner of general dentistry, cosmetic dentistry and sedation dentistry in all Northern Virginia.

Family Business

Dr. Kassem follows in the familial footsteps of his father, a renowned dentist in Egypt, not only in profession but in philosophy: Providing excellent dental care is more than giving a comprehensive exam, or knowing which dental implants will fit and look best, or how to make a root canal painless. Being a great dentist is about making sure your patients understand why taking care of their teeth and gums is so vitally important to their overall health – and it’s about putting each patient in the best situation to enjoy great oral health all the time, for a lifetime.

Providing Patients In Lansdowne Family Dental Services That Are Above The Ordinary

To Best Serve The People Of Lansdowne, Dental Offices Need To Do It All

Dental Crowns

One long-term solution to damaged teeth is the placement of a dental crown on the tooth. Crowns are custom-crafted, tooth-shaped caps designed to fit over a severely damaged or decayed tooth.

Porcelain, Gold, or Metal Alloy

Our Lansdowne dental practice uses dental crowns composed of pure porcelain, gold, or metal alloy. Dr. Kassem will take an impression of the affected tooth before a custom crown is made and installed on a subsequent visit. With continued dental health, the crown will bring back your natural smile.

Dental Implants

Severely damaged tooth? Please call our Lansdowne dental team. We have long-lasting restorative dentistry solutions which will bring back your smile. We offer implant restoration services to patients with one missing tooth or multiple missing teeth, without causing damage to the adjusted teeth.

Engineered Titanium

Riverside Cosmetic Dental uses dental implants manufactured from engineered titanium designed to work exactly like natural teeth, allowing patients to eat their favorite foods without any discomfort. General or local anesthesia will provide sedative while the dentist inserts the dental implant – but after the visit, you’ll experience the full functionality of your tooth.

Laser Dentistry

Introducing a breakthrough technology certain to have dramatic benefits for the long-term oral health needs of Riverside Family Dental patients.

No Anesthesia, No Pain

With laser dentistry, we perform hard-tissue procedures such as crown lengthening and cavity preparations without anesthesia – and if you’re anxious, laser dentistry is the best option! Imagine an appealing smile for life – from a pain-free appointment!


In addition to cutting-edge laser technology, our Lansdowne dentists office at 19490 Sandridge Way, Suite 110, Leesburg VA 20176, is equipped with x-ray machines and other diagnostic devices to assure we obtain maximum information from your appointment, covering all your dental health needs. It’s part of how Riverside Dental provides excellent customer service to every patient.

Root Canals

Don’t fear the root canal! Modern endodontics has rendered the procedure routine and virtually painless. Although root canal is not the first option for repairing damaged teeth and tooth pulp, Dr. Kassem has performed many root canals and assures you that nowadays it’s really not so bad.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Combining esthetics with the preventive techniques of general dentistry, Riverside Dental strives to maintain and improve healthy teeth, gums, and smile.

Emergency Dentistry

Sometimes you need a dentist appointment right away, but your dentist isn’t available. You can search for another dentist around Leesburg VA, but who knows if they make an appointment for you after 7:00 pm Tuesday or 6:00 pm Thursday on an urgent basis. Riverside Dental takes emergency appointments on evenings and weekends to provide treatments for time-sensitive situations such as knocked-out teeth or extreme mouth pain.

Flexible Scheduling For Emergency Appointment

Need office hours Monday? Something after 5:00 pm Friday? Have an accident after 7:00 pm? In emergency scenarios, our dentists will do their best to accommodate your needs. Caring, compassionate and competent in a dental emergency – that’s Dr. Kassem and the staff at Riverside Family Dental, located in Lansdowne.

Teeth Whitening

Dr. Kassem offers a variety of tooth-whitening treatments which he can custom-select to bring back your natural smile and youthful appearance. Typically, the customized whitening trays provided by Riverside Dental brighten teeth within one to three weeks, depending on the shade of your teeth prior to bleaching.

Zoom Fast Whitening Procedures

Additionally, Dr. Kassem worked with the Philips Zoom Teeth Whitening system, a revolutionary procedure that uses Amorphous Calcium Phosphate (ACP) to brighten teeth within an hour. Plus, our Lansdowne dentistry team uses a pH-balanced hydrogen peroxide gel scientifically formulated to remove deep stains and discoloration from teeth. You can have whiter, brighter pearly whites in just one visit to Riverside, your Lansdowne dental practice!

Make An Appointment With Your Five-Star Dentists In Lansdowne VA

Riverside Dental of Lansdowne, Virginia, is open to new patients. Please call our office staff at phone number (703) 682-0000 to get more information and make an appointment for you and your family with one of the top-rated dentists in Loudoun County.

Riverside Dental, At 19490 Sandridge Way, Suite 110, Leesburg VA 20176

Find out why so many of your friends and neighbors in and around Lansdowne Virginia would recommend Riverside Dental as their family dentist office. It’s about a comfortable environment, experienced dentists, superior dental hygienist work, thorough diagnoses, comprehensive compassionate care, and exemplary customer service for every patient, kids and adults, on every single appointment.

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